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· One min read

Starting today, September 11th, 2023, we're implementing a series of significant API changes to v2 of our EVM API as described in an earlier post. Some of these changes are breaking changes, but will ultimately provide you with a faster, more reliable, and more consistent experience.

If you are on API v2 and are impacted by these changes you can find a comprehensive migration guide here.

For those who have transitioned to v2.2, rest assured that your operations remain unaffected by these updates.

· 2 min read

We’re excited to announce that v2.2 of our EVM API is officially live and ready for immediate integration into your applications.

New features in v2.2

As part of v2.2, we've introduced 5 new endpoints designed to provide total counts for popular use-cases related to Wallets, NFTs, ERC20s and Blocks. These endpoints are particularly valuable for those who will be impacted by the breaking changes coming to v2 in September, and are available now allowing for a smooth migration:

These new endpoints can be found at our latest v2.2 swagger

Extended Deadline for Breaking Changes

We initially announced that breaking changes would be rolled out on September 4th. However, in order to maximize the window for you to integrate these new endpoints, we're pushing the date for breaking changes to September 11th. This gives you two weeks to integrate the new endpoints into your applications, as previously outlined in our earlier post.

Continuation of v2

Starting from September 11th, v2 will still be operational, but it will incorporate the announced breaking changes and deprecated endpoints will be removed. For most customers who are not impacted by these updates, it's perfectly safe to continue using v2. However, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version to benefit from all the new features and improvements.


  • API v2.2 is now available
  • New endpoints for total counts are available in v2.2.
  • Breaking changes will now be rolled out on September 11th, giving you an extra week to prepare.
  • Version 2 will continue to be operational but will incorporate breaking changes and deprecated endpoints will be removed, starting September 11th.
  • If you are not affected by the breaking changes outlined here, you can continue to use v2 safely.
  • Full migration guide can be found here.

· One min read

Our NFT API now includes a new property called verified_collections 🎉 This property can be true or false, and reflects whether or not the collection has been verified on OpenSea. This new property can be found on all NFT endpoints.

Additionally, we have added a new query parameter called exclude_spam. When this is set to true, any NFTs that have been marked as spam will be excluded from the API response. This query parameter is currently available on get NFTs by wallet as well as get NFT collections by wallet.

verified collections video

· One min read

Beginning on September 11th, 2023, we're implementing a series of significant API changes, some of which are breaking changes, but will ultimately provide you with a faster, more reliable, and more consistent experience.

These changes are:

If you are affected by these changes you can find a detailed migration guide here.

These changes will improve the speed, consistency, and scalability of our API, making it easier for you to work with whilst laying the foundations for what’s coming next… In the short term, expect enhancements like wallet net-worth, NFT prices and ERC20 holders. Rest assured, more improvements are on the way very soon!

Check out our Roadmap to stay up-to-date with all of the features we have coming soon.

· One min read

Our ERC20 transfers, NFT transfers and transaction endpoints have just got an upgrade!

All endpoints that currently return a to_address and/or from_address will now include an additional to_address_label and from_address_less respectively 🤩

These labels reflect publicly known addresses such as Coinbase, Binance, Uniswap v3, 1inch etc; as well as specific addresses such as Uniswap v2: Router 2 🔥

Perfect for adding extra detail into your wallet applications and transaction analytics 🙌

· One min read

From today you can now easily establish a wallet's age as well as detect which chains it has been active on 🔥

This latest endpointadded to our Wallet API, /wallets/{address}/chains, is our first truly cross-chain API. Rather than the usual chain query parameter, it has a new chains parameter, allowing you to specify one or many chains in one API call 🤩

For each chain that a wallet has been detected on, we return its first_transaction details and last_transaction details.

Perfect for wallet analytics, user engagement, wallet age gated sites plus so much more 🙌

Check out the docs

· One min read

Today we're excited to announce a number of improvements to our ERC20 price endpoints 🎉

Fetch multiple ERC20 prices

We've added a new endpoint, /erc20/prices, that allows you to fetch the prices of up to 25 ERC20s in one API call. No more fetching prices one by one 😍

View docs

24hr change

We've added 24hrPercentChange to all of our price endpoints, so you can now easily fetch a token's 24 hour performance. We've introduced a new query parameter, include=percent_change, which when included will add 24hrPercentChange to the response body. Note: using this query parameter incurs an additional cost of +5 CUs per request.

View docs

Pretty prices

No more displaying ugly prices 🫣 We've added usdPriceFormatted to our price endpoints meaning you'll always be returned with prices in a nice clean decimal format (for example, 3.0526340931742754e-8 will appear as 0.00000003052).

View docs

· One min read

Today we've launched a new endpoint that allows you and the users of your dapps to submit contracts for review.

Easily report new spam contracts by specifying report_type as spam, or request a re-review of misclassified contracts with a report_type of not_spam.

Submissions will be reviewed and incorporated into our spam library, and reflected across our ERC20 and NFT API endpoints.

Check out the docs for more information.

· One min read

Today we're extremely excited to announce the launch of a new product, our Market Data API! 🚀

Our Market Data API allows you to explore the latest trends in NFT collections, keep an eye on the top coins, and monitor the largest ERC20 gainers and losers.

We're introducing four new endpoints with this launch, including:

Check out our docs for more information about these new endpoints, as well as how to share feedback for its next iteration.

· One min read

Today we have enriched all our ERC20 endpoints with extra metadata including token name, symbol, icon, and decimals 🎉

Developers can now more easily identify the specific ERC20 tokens involved in transfers, mints, burns, and approvals without having to make additional API calls.

Previously, token metadata were only available through the ERC20 metadata endpoint.

This metadata is now available on the following endpoints:

· One min read

Our Resolve API now supports Ethereum Name Service (ENS) lookup by domain. This new feature allows you to input a .eth domain and receive the associated Ethereum address 🎉

To use this new endpoint, simply make a GET request to /api/v2/resolve/ens/{domain} with your desired .eth domain appended.

For example, if you want to look up the address for vitalik.eth, you would make a GET request to: /api/v2/resolve/ens/vitalik.eth, which would return the address 0x057Ec652A4F150f7FF94f089A38008f49a0DF88e.

API Reference

· One min read

We're excited to announce the launch of our new spam detection feature across our EVM APIs!

Our latest update adds a new field called possible_spam to all ERC20s and NFTs. This field returns true or false, depending on whether the contract address is associated with spam, phishing attempts, or suspicious activities.

This feature is currently available on our EVM API and will soon be launching on our Streams API 🔥 Stay tuned!

Check out our docs for more information about this feature including which endpoints it's active on.

· One min read

Time to optimize your NFTs!

All NFTs served through our API now include an optional media object that includes low, medium and high resolution thumbnails, along with the original image 🎉

This makes it super easy to build apps and webpages that are optimized for speed and that load in a flash ⚡

· One min read

Today we have launched four new ERC20 token endpoints allowing you to quickly fetch mints, burns, approvals and transfers for any wallet or contract address 🚀

These endpoints have no required inputs or query parameters, meaning we return all on-chain transactions by default. Each endpoint supports flexible filtering by wallet address, contract address and even addresses to exclude (see more about filtering below).

· One min read

Today we have launched version 1 of our new transaction decoding and labeling feature 🥳

This feature automatically decodes raw transaction input data into human-readable events and then labels each transaction and log, allowing you to quickly identify on-chain activity such as Transfer, Swap, Deposit etc.

Transaction labeling can be found on the following two endpoints:

Head over to our docs for more information about how this works.

· One min read

We’re excited to announce that today we have launched internal transactions across a number of our most popular EVM chains!

Real-time and historical internal transactions are now available across Ethereum, Sepolia, Polygon, Mumbai, BNB and BNB testnet. For complete coverage, please see the table outlined here.

Internal transactions have been added on three existing endpoints by introducing a new query parameter include that supports internal_transactions as an input:

We have also launched a new endpoint that specifically fetches internal transactions for a given transaction hash:

Read more: /web3-data-api/evm/internal-transaction

· One min read

As outlined in an earlier update, today we've made a change to the default behaviour of disable_total on a number of endpoints in order to vastly improve their response times.

This flag now defaults to true and the total response will be returned as null. Customers wanting to continue using the total will need to specify disable_total=false in their requests.

· 2 min read

In order to vastly improve the response times on a number of endpoints (by up to x10!), we are planning to phase out support for total within our API responses.

A new flag called disable_total exists on the below endpoints which defaults to false. When users set this to true, the total count from the response will return as null, and the endpoint's response time is greatly improved. We strongly recommend to begin using this flag.

· One min read

We've just shipped a new EVM feature Get Multiple NFTs, meaning you can now specify a list of NFTs to return in one API call. ⚡

It was already possible to fetch all NFTs by wallet address or by collection address, but now it's possible to fetch specific NFTs across many different collections by specifying a list of collection IDs + token IDs. 🎉

Docs: /web3-data-api/evm/reference/get-multiple-nfts

· One min read

More CUs for our amazing customers!

After considerations on the great demand of the getTokenIdOwners endpoint, we understand that a lot of our users are very keen to make full use of this endpoint.

Therefore, we have decided to reduce our CU cost for /nft/{address}/{token_id}/owners (getTokenIdOwners) from 20 CUs down to 5 CUs.

Try out the endpoint here!

· One min read

Arbitrum is now fully-integrated to Moralis EVM API endpoints. You can now index NFT, Token, and other-blockchain related data from the Arbitrum Layer-2 Network by specifying chain parameter value as arbitrum or 0xa4b1.

· One min read

One API - all transactions and logs. ✨ Use our Verbose Transaction Endpoint and save yourself the hassle of multiple API calls. What's more, this Transaction API endpoint extracts data sequenced by block number. Organized - just how you like it.

We have launched a new endpoint /{address}/verbose which for a given wallet address will return all transactions, and for each transaction all its logs.

View API docs

· One min read

Palm Network is now fully-integrated to Moralis EVM API endpoints. You can now index NFT, Token, and other-blockchain related data from the Palm Network by specifying chain parameter value as palm or 0x2a15c308d

· One min read

We just made working with NFT metadata a breeze! 💨 Get predictable, structured outputs at each endpoint thanks to our new built-in NFT API Metadata Normalization.

Taking the original source metadata field, which comes through the API as a string with an unpredictable format, we now output this into a nice clean, predictable object on the below endpoints - meaning it's now much easier for you to work with NFT metadata!

You'll find a new query parameter named normalizeMetadata on the below endpoints. When this is set to true, we normalize and transform the source metadata into a standardized structure (based on ERC721, CryptoPunks, OpenSea etc) and output this in a new object called normalized_metadata


  • Get NFTs by wallet - /{address}/nft
  • Get NFTs by contract - /nft/{address}
  • Get NFT owners by contract - /nft/{address}/owners
  • Get NFT metadata - /nft/{address}/{token_id}
  • Get owners by token ID - /nft/{address}/{token_id}/owners