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Version: 2.2

RPC Nodes

To put it simply, RPC nodes are nodes (servers) that access a blockchain network (for example Ethereum), which enable you to interact with the network without running your own node.


A node in a blockchain network is a computer or server that runs blockchain software, participating in verifying and relaying transactions and maintaining the blockchain's integrity and security.

RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Nodes are essential infrastructure components that enable interaction with various EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains. RPC Nodes are therefore crucial for developing and deploying blockchain applications. They enable developers to deploy and interact with smart contracts, retrieve blockchain data, and perform blockchain integrations with traditional applications.

Moralis provides access to the Ethereum JSON-RPC API method library that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain all supported EVM blockchains, providing developers with robust and efficient access to blockchain functionalities. Methods include functionality for reading and writing data to the network, and executing smart contracts.