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Metadata Normalization πŸ”€

Β· One min read

We just made working with NFT metadata a breeze! πŸ’¨ Get predictable, structured outputs at each endpoint thanks to our new built-in NFT API Metadata Normalization.

Taking the original source metadata field, which comes through the API as a string with an unpredictable format, we now output this into a nice clean, predictable object on the below endpoints - meaning it's now much easier for you to work with NFT metadata!

You'll find a new query parameter named normalizeMetadata on the below endpoints. When this is set to true, we normalize and transform the source metadata into a standardized structure (based on ERC721, CryptoPunks, OpenSea etc) and output this in a new object called normalized_metadata


  • Get NFTs by wallet - /{address}/nft
  • Get NFTs by contract - /nft/{address}
  • Get NFT owners by contract - /nft/{address}/owners
  • Get NFT metadata - /nft/{address}/{token_id}
  • Get owners by token ID - /nft/{address}/{token_id}/owners