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NFT Collection Enhancements

Β· One min read

Today we've launched a number of enhancements to our NFT collection endpoints πŸ”₯ They include:

  • Richer NFT collection metadata
  • Expansion of verified_collection status across more chains
  • Token counts on NFT collections by wallet
  • Bulk fetch NFT collection metadata

Richer Collection Metadata​

We've added the following properties to our NFT Collection metadata:

  • collection_logo
  • collection_banner_image
  • collection_category
  • project_url
  • wiki_url
  • discord_url
  • telegram_url
  • twitter_username
  • instagram_username

Enhanced metadata can be found on the following endpoints:

Expansion of Verified Collections​

Our verified_collection status, which was previously only supported on Ethereum, is now available on these additional chains:

  • Polygon
  • Binance
  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • Optimism
  • Base

This status reflects whether or not the collection has been verified on OpenSea.

Token Counts​

We've introduced a new query parameter when fetching NFT Collections by wallet call token_counts. When set to true, this will add the total number of NFTs held in each collection by the wallet to the response data.

Bulk Fetch Collection Metadata​

We've added a new endpoint, Get metadata for multiple NFT Collections, that allows you to fetch metadata for up to 25 NFT collections in one request.