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📣Introducing EVM API v2.2

· 2 min read

We’re excited to announce that v2.2 of our EVM API is officially live and ready for immediate integration into your applications.

New features in v2.2​

As part of v2.2, we've introduced 5 new endpoints designed to provide total counts for popular use-cases related to Wallets, NFTs, ERC20s and Blocks. These endpoints are particularly valuable for those who will be impacted by the breaking changes coming to v2 in September, and are available now allowing for a smooth migration:

These new endpoints can be found at our latest v2.2 swagger

Extended Deadline for Breaking Changes​

We initially announced that breaking changes would be rolled out on September 4th. However, in order to maximize the window for you to integrate these new endpoints, we're pushing the date for breaking changes to September 11th. This gives you two weeks to integrate the new endpoints into your applications, as previously outlined in our earlier post.

Continuation of v2​

Starting from September 11th, v2 will still be operational, but it will incorporate the announced breaking changes and deprecated endpoints will be removed. For most customers who are not impacted by these updates, it's perfectly safe to continue using v2. However, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version to benefit from all the new features and improvements.


  • API v2.2 is now available
  • New endpoints for total counts are available in v2.2.
  • Breaking changes will now be rolled out on September 11th, giving you an extra week to prepare.
  • Version 2 will continue to be operational but will incorporate breaking changes and deprecated endpoints will be removed, starting September 11th.
  • If you are not affected by the breaking changes outlined here, you can continue to use v2 safely.
  • Full migration guide can be found here.