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New disable_total flag for faster response times

· 2 min read

In order to vastly improve the response times on a number of endpoints (by up to x10!), we are planning to phase out support for total within our API responses.

A new flag called disable_total exists on the below endpoints which defaults to false. When users set this to true, the total count from the response will return as null, and the endpoint's response time is greatly improved. We strongly recommend to begin using this flag.

Planned Change

From February 1st 2023 the default value of disable_total will be set to true, and unless you specify disable_total=false, the total value will be returned as null.


Let's say you called the API using a request URL like this:${address}?chain=eth

Notice that this request URL does not explicitly provide any parameter for disable_total

Up until Feb 1st, this request automatically defaults disable_total to false meaning you get the total count value in the reponse.

As from Feb 1st, this flag will default to true and the total response will return as null.

If you rely on a total count value, you will need to explicitly set the disable_total flag in your request to false: