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Wallet History

Β· One min read

We’ve just launched our Wallet History endpoint, allowing you to fetch a wallet's full transaction history, fully decoded, labelled and enriched with a single API call 🀯

With support for over 15 categories, such as Token Swap, NFT Sale, Mint, Burn and many more, this endpoint is a total game-changer for anyone building a wallet or activity feed πŸ”₯

This endpoint includes several query parameters:

  • chain: Choose the blockchain to query 🌐
  • from_block and to_block: Set the block range for the transactions you're interested in πŸ“Š. If both from_date and from_block (or to_date and to_block) are provided, the block parameter takes precedence.
  • from_date and to_date: Specify the date range for transactions. Accepts seconds or date strings compatible with moment.js πŸ“….
  • internal_transactions: Include internal transactions in your results when set to true βœ….
  • nft_metadata: Include NFT metadata in your results when set to true βœ….
  • cursor: Use this to paginate through results, utilizing the cursor provided in the previous response πŸ”„.
  • order: Sort the results in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order πŸ”’.
  • limit: Adjust the page size of your results to your preference πŸ“.

Check-out the API reference for more information