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Version: 2.2

Token API

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Get Tokens

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
1getWalletTokenBalancesGet ERC20 token balance by walletMethod Documentation
2getTokenMetadataBySymbolGet ERC20 token metadata by symbolsMethod Documentation
3getTokenMetadataGet ERC20 token metadata by contractMethod Documentation

Get Price

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
4getTokenPriceGet ERC20 token priceMethod Documentation
5getMultipleTokenPricesGet multiple token pricesMethod Documentation

Get Balance

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
6getWalletTokenBalancesGet ERC20 token balance by walletMethod Documentation
7getTokenAllowanceGet ERC20 token allowanceMethod Documentation

Get Transfers

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
8getWalletTokenTransfersGet ERC20 token transfers by walletMethod Documentation
9getTokenTransfersGet ERC20 token transfers by contractMethod Documentation

Get Pairs & Liquidity

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
10getPairReservesGet DEX token pair reservesMethod Documentation
11getPairAddressGet DEX token pair addressMethod Documentation

Get Token Stats

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
12getTokenStatsGet ERC20 token statsMethod Documentation

Get Token Owners

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
13getTokenOwnersGet ERC20 token ownersMethod Documentation