Welcome to Moralis!

Setup your Moralis Server instance and get coding!

Welcome to Moralis!

We're excited for you to discover all the cool things you can build with Moralis with just a few lines of code. Before we get started let's go over a few bits of important info.


  • The docs assume some knowledge of programming and are a work in progress.

  • If you find something confusing in the docs or have suggestions for improvements let us know by posting in the Moralis Forum.

  • If you find a bug in the Moralis SDK or Server Dashboard please report it in this GitHub repo along with a detailed description and steps to reproduce the issue. For technical questions or help with your code please post in the forum instead. If you're unsure where to post then post in the forum.


The documentation assumes knowledge of JavaScript, working with objects, querying databases, and some web3 development. See the Pre-Requisites page for more details.

If you're new to Web 3 development this is a great introduction:

And for more experienced devs this is a great introduction to building a dapp on Moralis using Truffle and Ganache.

Setup your first dapp with Moralis

See the quick start section, to guide you through setting up your first server with Moralis and how to integrate it in your dapp:

Or follow our guide to make a simple dapp in 3 minutes: