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Version: 2.2

Market Insights API

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The Market Insights API is a comprehensive suite designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and data across various market segments. It encompasses several specific APIs, each serving a unique purpose to cater to different aspects of market analysis. These are the Market Data API, the Discovery API, and the Why Did It Move API.

Market Data API

The Market Data API provides general market overview data, such as the top NFT collections and the leading ERC20 tokens, which are widely available elsewhere, often at low cost or even for free.

Discovery API

The Discovery API is tailored for uncovering new trends, insightful tokens, and hidden gems within the market, offering data and insights that standard market overview data might not reveal.

Why Did It Move API

The Why Did It Move API offers a focused look at the causative factors behind market movements, giving users clarity on why certain tokens or collections are experiencing significant changes in value.