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Version: 2.2

Market Data API

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The Market Data API allows you to explore the latest trends in NFT collections, keep an eye on the top coins, and monitor the largest ERC20 gainers and losers. We're introducing four new endpoints with this launch, including:

Top ERC-20 tokens

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
1getTopERC20TokensByMarketCapGet the top ERC20 tokens by market capMethod Documentation
2getTopERC20TokensByPriceChangeGet the top ERC20 tokens by price changeMethod Documentation

Top NFTs

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
3getTopNFTCollectionsByMarketCapGet the top NFT collections by market capMethod Documentation
4getTopNFTCollectionsByTradingVolumeGet the top NFT collections by trading volumeMethod Documentation

Example use cases

The use cases for our NFT API are truly endless! Some popular use cases include:

  • Display trending NFT collections as part of an NFT Marketplace
  • Display top NFT collections by market cap as part of a Wallet dapp
  • Display the top ERC20s by market cap as part of a Dex
  • Display the top movers (gainers and losers) as part of a Wallet dapp

Supported chains

Our initial launch only supports Ethereum. Future chains will be coming!

Chain NameChain Id (HEX)Chain Id (INT)

How often is the data refreshed?

All endpoints are refreshed on an hourly basis and report on the last 24 hours of data.

Is the Market Data API available on all plans?

No, this set of endpoints is not available to users on our free plan (requires Pro plan or above).

Feature requests or feedback

We would welcome your feature requests or feedback on how we can improve the next iteration of our Market Data API. Please submit all feedback here: