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Version: 2.2

Wallet API

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Get Wallet Transactions

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
1getWalletHistoryGet full wallet historyMethod Documentation
2getWalletTransactionsGet native transactions by walletMethod Documentation
3getWalletTransactionsVerboseGet decoded transactions by walletMethod Documentation
4getWalletTokenTransfersGet ERC20 transfers by walletMethod Documentation
5getWalletNFTTransfersGet NFT transfers by walletMethod Documentation

Get Wallet Net-worth

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
6getWalletNetWorthGet wallet net-worthMethod Documentation

Get Wallet Balance

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
7getNativeBalanceGet native balance by walletMethod Documentation
8getNativeBalancesForAddressesGet native balance for multiple walletsMethod Documentation

Get Wallet NFTs

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
9getWalletNFTsGet NFTs by walletMethod Documentation
10getWalletNFTCollectionsGet NFT collections by walletMethod Documentation

Get Wallet Tokens

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
11getWalletTokenBalancesGet ERC20 token balance by walletMethod Documentation
12getWalletTokenBalancesPricesGet ERC20 token balances & prices by walletMethod Documentation

Get Wallet Details

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
13getWalletActiveChainsGet chain activity by walletMethod Documentation
14getWalletStatsGet wallet statsMethod Documentation

Domain Lookups

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
15resolveAddressENS Lookup by AddressMethod Documentation
16resolveENSDomainENS Lookup by DomainMethod Documentation
17resolveAddressToDomainUnstoppable Lookup by AddressMethod Documentation
18resolveDomainUnstoppable Lookup by DomainMethod Documentation