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Version: 2.2

Web3 Data API

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What are the Web3 Data APIs?

The Moralis Web3 Data APIs are a set of highly scalable APIs that solve popular Web3 challenges. By indexing blockchain data in a structured way, Moralis is able to expose APIs that make querying, fetching and understanding this data a breeze for developers.

Web3 Data API Features

Moralis indexes all core aspects of blockchain data and provides access to this through a suite of data-focussed API endpoints. No matter what you are building, our Web3 Data API will support the data you will need; including Blocks, Transactions, NFTs, Tokens and Balance information.

  • NFT Data: Fetch real-time NFT metadata, ownership data, NFT transfer data, NFT prices, and much more.
  • Token Data: Seamlessly access real-time token price, ownership and transfer data.
  • Transaction Data: Get detailed information for any user transaction. List past transactions, and stay up to date with your user's on-chain activity.
  • Block Data: Get the contents of any block, including transactions, internal transactions, events and logs.
  • Event & Log Data: Granular logs and events for specific wallets and contracts.
  • DeFi Data: Out-of-the-box liquidity reserves and pair data across multiple blockchains.

Use Cases

Our advanced feature set of Web3 Data APIs are best for those that are building crypto fintech applications, which includes:

  • Wallet App
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • Block Explorers
  • Audit & Reporting
  • NFT Marketplace
  • etc.

Supported Chains

Moralis Web3 Data APIs are continuously adding new chains and integrations.