Moralis provides enterprise-grade Web3 APIs that connect any tech stack to blockchain networks. Our 24/7 worldwide support ensures your project's easy launch, priority maintenance, and sustainable growth, with custom SLAs to support your demands.


Moralis is an enterprise-grade Web3 API service that helps you index NFT, Token, and other blockchain-related data to build your high-performant and scalable cross-chain dapps. Our APIs support up to 20 blockchains (mainnets and testnets), which includes all the largest EVM and non-EVMs. You can click here to see the full list of all supported chains.

If you have an existing application and would like to add web3 functionality into it, Moralis provides multiple integrations with several of the most popular backend frameworks and BaaS providers to enable smooth integration with your existing application. These integrations include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Supabase.



Our API products comprise of several categories based on its functionalities:

The EVM API is a set of API that you can use to fetch NFT, token, and other on-chain related data from multiple EVM chains. The EVM API is perfect for you if you are building a dapp on top of the EVM blockchains that Moralis support. Within EVM API, we also provide more specific subcategories of API to serve more specific functionalities:

The Auth API is a set of API that you can use to verify signed message for authenticating any EVM and Solana wallets to dapps. The Auth API is built upon the EIP-4361 standard, which enables your user to do off-chain authentication with their wallets to establish user sessions with your dapp.

Using the Auth API, your users will be able to authenticate with any EVM and Solana wallets to your dapp, which includes but not limited to:

Streaming real-time blockchain events data into your backend via webhooks.

Fetching NFT, token, and other on-chain related data from the Solana network.

Supported Chains

Moralis API supports up to 20 blockchains (mainnets and testnets) in total with different chains supported on each API offered. You can find all the supported chains based on Moralis API offered in the table below.

NameEVM APIAuth APIStreams APISolana API
Ethereum Mainnet
Ethereum Görli
Ethereum Sepolia
Polygon Mainnet
Polygon Mumbai
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
Binance Smart Chain Testnet
Avalanche C-Chain
Avalanche Fuji Testnet
Cronos Mainnet
Cronos Testnet
Palm Mainnet
Ronin Mainnet
Arbitrum Mainnet
Arbitrum Testnet
Solana Mainnet
Solana Devnet

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