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Version: 2.0

Token API

What is the Token API?

The Moralis Token API enables Web3 developers to build and scale dapps quickly and efficiently. Access all the information you need for any ERC20 tokens from multiple blockchains.

Token API features

The Token API provides out-of-the-box functionality for the most popular features when working with ERC20s, including:

  • Fetching ERC20 prices (native and USD)
  • Fetching ERC20 owned by a given wallet
  • Fetching ERC20 balances for a given wallet
  • Fetching ERC20 transfers for a given wallet
  • Support for all ERC20 tokens
  • Real-time ERC20 token price discovery and metadata

Plus so much more!

The Token API is extremely flexible, meaning it can support a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Live Price Feeds
  • Portfolio Apps
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Ownership Verification

Supported chains

The Token API supports multiple EVM chains:

NameChain Id (Int)Chain Id (Hex)EvmChainType
Ethereum Mainnet10x1EvmChain.ETHEREUMMainnet
Ethereum Görli50x5EvmChain.GOERLITestnet
Ethereum Sepolia111551110xaa36a7EvmChain.SEPOLIATestnet
Polygon Mainnet1370x89EvmChain.POLYGONMainnet
Polygon Mumbai800010x13881EvmChain.MUMBAITestnet
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet560x38EvmChain.BSCMainnet
Binance Smart Chain Testnet970x61EvmChain.BSC_TESTNETTestnet
Avalanche C-Chain431140xa86aEvmChain.AVALANCHEMainnet
Cronos Mainnet250x19EvmChain.CRONOSMainnet