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Version: 2.0

Supported DEXs

The Moralis Token API is integrated with an extensive range of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), operating across numerous EVM blockchains. A comprehensive list of these supported DEXs is presented in the subsequent table for your reference.

ChainSupported DEX(s)
Eth mainnetuniswapv2, uniswapv3, sushiswapv2
Polygonuniswapv2, uniswapv3, quickswapv2
BSCuniswapv3, pancakeswapv1, pancakeswapv2, pancakeswapv3
Avalanchetraderjoe, pangolin
Arbitrumuniswapv3, camelotv2

In the event that no exchange value is specified, the API will proceed to systematically evaluate each exchange. It continues this process until it successfully locates a price, strategically bypassing any exchanges or pairs that are characterized by low liquidity.

Which endpoints is integrated with the supported DEXs?

We have integrated the supported DEXs on two endpoints:

Get Multiple ERC20 token prices/erc20/prices
Get ERC20 token price/erc20/:address/price