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Version: 2.0

Wallet API


What is the Wallet API?

Boasting an array of features, exceptional flexibility, and unparalleled scalability, our Wallet API is the definitive solution for integrating wallet functionalities into your Web3 dapps.

The Wallet API provides out-of-the-box functionality for the most popular features when building or adding wallet functionality to your dapp, including:

Example use cases

The use cases for our Wallet API API are truly endless! Some popular use cases include:

  • Web3 Wallets
    • Current and historical token balances
    • Real-time token prices & net-worth
    • Detailed user activity
    • Hide spam tokens
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)
    • Fetch ERC20 balances
    • Historical balances
    • Real-time and historical token prices
    • ERC20 transfers, swaps and trades
  • Portfolio Trackers
    • Calculate wallet net-worth
    • Track wallet returns
    • Track token performance
    • Historical balances and prices
  • NFT Marketplaces
    • Fetch NFT balances
    • Fetch owned collections
    • ReDisplay NFT images and Metadata
    • NFT transfers, swaps and purchase

As well as Web3 Analytics tools, DAOs, Web3 gaming plus many more!

Supported chains

The Wallet API supports multiple EVM chains:

NameChain Id (Int)Chain Id (Hex)EvmChainType
Ethereum Mainnet10x1EvmChain.ETHEREUMMainnet
Ethereum Sepolia111551110xaa36a7EvmChain.SEPOLIATestnet
Ethereum Holesky170000x4268EvmChain.HOLESKYTestnet
Polygon Mainnet1370x89EvmChain.POLYGONMainnet
Polygon Amoy800020x13881EvmChain.POLYGON_AMOYTestnet
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet560x38EvmChain.BSCMainnet
Binance Smart Chain Testnet970x61EvmChain.BSC_TESTNETTestnet
Avalanche C-Chain431140xa86aEvmChain.AVALANCHEMainnet
Cronos Mainnet250x19EvmChain.CRONOSMainnet
Gnosis Chiado102000x27d8EvmChain.GNOSIS_TESTNETTestnet
Base Sepolia845320x14a34EvmChain.BASE_SEPOLIATestnet
Optimism Sepolia111554200xaa37dcEvmChain.OPTIMISM_SEPOLIATestnet
Linea Sepolia591410xe705EvmChain.LINEA_SEPOLIATestnet