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Version: 2.0

How to get the owner of an NFT


Before getting started, make sure you have the following ready:

  • Node v.14+ or Python
  • NPM/Yarn or Pip

Step 1: Setup Moralis​

First register your Moralis account and get your Moralis API Key.

Once you have your Moralis API Key, install the Moralis SDK in your project.

npm install moralis @moralisweb3/common-evm-utils

Step 2: Get All NFTs Owned By An Address​

In order to get all the owners of an NFT, Moralis provides you with a getNFTTokenIdOwners endpoint to do so.

Here you'll need three parameters: address, token_id and chain.

Once you've obtained the required parameters, you can copy the following code:

const Moralis = require("moralis").default;
const { EvmChain } = require("@moralisweb3/common-evm-utils");

const runApp = async () => {
await Moralis.start({
apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
// ...and any other configuration

const address = "0xa186d739ca2b3022b966194004c6b01855d59571";

const chain = EvmChain.ETHEREUM;

const tokenId = "1";

const response = await Moralis.EvmApi.nft.getNFTTokenIdOwners({



Step 3: Run the script​

To run the script, enter the following command:

node index.js

In your terminal, you should see the following JSON response:

"total": 1,
"page": 1,
"page_size": 100,
"cursor": null,
"result": [
"token_address": "0xa186d739ca2b3022b966194004c6b01855d59571",
"token_id": "1",
"owner_of": "0xc81082690edc8cde6d83a7549aa6a74534305372",
"block_number": "15821471",
"block_number_minted": "15821471",
"token_hash": "c4940b74fa9c9e1605316dc98f4a3eb3",
"amount": "1",
"contract_type": "ERC721",
"name": "NFTPass",
"symbol": "ATTPASS",
"token_uri": "",
"metadata": "{\"attributes\":[{\"trait_type\":\"Name\",\"value\":\"Atticc Early Adopter Pass\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Category\",\"value\":\"Early Adopter Pass\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Number of Seats\",\"value\":\"5555\",\"display_type\":\"number\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Royalty\",\"value\":\"0\",\"display_type\":\"number\"}],\"image\":\"\"}",
"last_token_uri_sync": "2022-10-25T00:21:22.266Z",
"last_metadata_sync": "2022-10-25T00:21:26.139Z",
"minter_address": "0xc81082690edc8cde6d83a7549aa6a74534305372"

Congratulations πŸ₯³ you just got the owners of an NFT with just a few lines of code using the Moralis NFT API!

API Reference​

If you want to know more details on the endpoint and optional parameters, check out:


If you face any trouble following the tutorial, feel free to reach out to our community engineers in our Discord or Forum to get 24/7 developer support.