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Version: 2.2

How to get all ERC20 transfers by contract

Step 1: Setup Moralis

Read the article Setting Up Moralis: Getting Started and make sure to finish all the steps. Only after that you can go ahead to complete this guide.

Step 2: Get all ERC20 transfers by contract

In order to get all ERC20 transfers by contract, Moralis provides you with an getTokenTransfers endpoint.

Here you'll need two parameters: address and chain.

Once you have obtained the address and chain, you can copy the following code:

const Moralis = require("moralis").default;
const { EvmChain } = require("@moralisweb3/common-evm-utils");

const runApp = async () => {
await Moralis.start({
apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
// ...and any other configuration

const address = "0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984";

const chain = EvmChain.ETHEREUM;

const response = await Moralis.EvmApi.token.getTokenTransfers({



Step 3: Run the script

To run the script, enter the following command:

node index.js

In your terminal, you should see the following JSON response:

"total": 3779405,
"page": 0,
"page_size": 100,
"cursor": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhZGRyZXNzIjoiMHgxZjk4NDBhODVkNWFmNWJmMWQxNzYyZjkyNWJkYWRkYzQyMDFmOTg0IiwiY2hhaW4iOiJldGgiLCJhcGlLZXlJZCI6MTkwNjU5LCJsaW1pdCI6MTAwLCJ0b3BpYzMiOiI9Om51bGwiLCJ0b19ibG9jayI6IjE2MDY4NTg4IiwicGFnZSI6MSwidG90YWwiOjM3Nzk0MDUsIm9mZnNldCI6MSwidWMiOnRydWUsImlhdCI6MTY2OTY0NzYwNH0.A_F4jCBNybeIMvG4CBwTnc5-40hIY7QtBu5SrKEiih8",
"result": [
"transaction_hash": "0xf7cbf949d921cf53ce7bb4c5b944aa166327459c61c56a7c5057b0c9e89eaf2b",
"address": "0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984",
"block_timestamp": "2022-11-28T14:58:35.000Z",
"block_number": "16069234",
"block_hash": "0x00301a6e8320bd721539cc8f6de4ced806f1b1a0543d4d52153122731880523b",
"to_address": "0x174b75731fe5fbf32ac1d0fac9e2cee544122bdd",
"from_address": "0x28c6c06298d514db089934071355e5743bf21d60",
"value": "2374470000000000000000",
"transaction_index": 37,
"log_index": 35
"transaction_hash": "0x99701c5bcc132e3af83dc243ee406af978cc41ddb5e5a8b6616a48e198522881",
"address": "0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984",
"block_timestamp": "2022-11-28T14:18:11.000Z",
"block_number": "16069032",
"block_hash": "0x370a71c6eecde6be92616207c5d8bea1234d9ec187f56e585ec5335f7c7dfdd5",
"to_address": "0xe8c638de7d7ea80f3d103becd51a445cf46b1648",
"from_address": "0xa9d1e08c7793af67e9d92fe308d5697fb81d3e43",
"value": "1831220100000000000",
"transaction_index": 109,
"log_index": 163
"transaction_hash": "0xfcbc8637fc36f709f291f9cb45d095ba8da502b8cd2a2d023866a4d237553457",
"address": "0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984",
"block_timestamp": "2022-11-28T14:14:59.000Z",
"block_number": "16069016",
"block_hash": "0x67a0fbe9d4a86c655c2d93103b86cc4e265230b7af5c31acc407689c0f10bcd7",
"to_address": "0xee61f5fb0db81d3a09392375ee96f723c0620e07",
"from_address": "0x5be862ce64b3ff8d3928e5d15c73b9a5064d0ff3",
"value": "545480000000000000000",
"transaction_index": 106,
"log_index": 239

Congratulations 🥳 You just got all ERC20 transfers by contract with just a few lines of code using the Moralis Token API!

API Reference

If you want to know more details on the endpoint and optional parameters, check out:


If you face any trouble following the tutorial, feel free to reach out to our community engineers in our Discord or Forum to get 24/7 developer support.