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Cross-Chain EVM Requests

All our API methods are supported for cross-chain calls. You only need to specify the chain parameter. For example, this request will query block info on Polygon:

import Moralis from "moralis";
import { EvmChain } from "@moralisweb3/common-evm-utils";

blockNumberOrHash: "33000000",
chain: EvmChain.POLYGON,

If no chain is specified, it will, by default, be set to the defaultEvmApiChain, which is set in your config (defaults to "Ethereum mainnet").

Change the Default Chain

To change the default chain, you can specify defaultEvmApiChain in your config:

import Moralis from "moralis";
import { EvmChain } from "@moralisweb3/common-evm-utils";

apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
defaultEvmApiChain: EvmChain.POLYGON,

blockNumberOrHash: "33000000",

Supported EVM Chains

NameChain idEvmChainType
Ethereum Mainnet1EvmChain.ETHEREUMMainnet
Ethereum Ropsten (deprecated)3EvmChain.ROPSTENTestnet
Ethereum Rinkeby (deprecated)4EvmChain.RINKEBYTestnet
Ethereum Görli5EvmChain.GOERLITestnet
Ethereum Kovan (deprecated)42EvmChain.KOVANTestnet
Ethereum Sepolia11155111EvmChain.SEPOLIATestnet
Polygon Mainnet137EvmChain.POLYGONMainnet
Polygon Mumbai80001EvmChain.MUMBAITestnet
BNB Mainnet56EvmChain.BSCMainnet
BNB Chain Testnet97EvmChain.BSC_TESTNETTestnet
Avalanche C-Chain43114EvmChain.AVALANCHEMainnet
Avalanche Fuji Testnet (deprecated)43113EvmChain.FUJITestnet
Cronos Mainnet25EvmChain.CRONOSMainnet
Cronos Testnet (deprecated)338EvmChain.CRONOS_TESTNETTestnet
Palm Mainnet11297108109EvmChain.PALMMainnet
Arbitrum Mainnet42161EvmChain.ARBITRUMMainnet


Change the Default Network

We have two networks for the Solana API, which you can configure similarly. You can specify the mainnet or devnet:

import Moralis from "moralis";
import { SolNetwork } from "@moralisweb3/sol-utils";

apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
defaultSolNetwork: SolNetwork.DEVNET,

address: "ADDRESS",

Supported Solana Networks

Solana mainnetSolNetwork.MAINNET
Solana devnetSolNetwork.DEVNET