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Version: 2.2

Discovery API

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The Discovery API provides a comprehensive suite of endpoints designed to uncover new trends, insightful tokens, and hidden gems within the cryptocurrency market. It goes beyond standard market data by analyzing patterns, liquidity movements, buying pressures, and other critical factors that indicate a token's potential.

Token Insights

Token Insights is a suite of endpoints within the Discovery API that offer various perspectives on the market, each tailored to different investment strategies and research needs:

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
1getRisingLiquidityTokensIdentify tokens with rising liquidityMethod Documentation
2getTopBuyPressureTokensFind tokens with the highest buying pressureMethod Documentation
3getExperiencedBuyerTokensDiscover tokens popular with experienced buyersMethod Documentation
4getSolidPerformanceTokensList tokens that have shown solid performanceMethod Documentation
5getBlueChipTokensGet tokens that are considered strong and reliableMethod Documentation
6getRiskyBetTokensIdentify tokens that are considered high risk, high rewardMethod Documentation

Token Explorer

The Token Explorer is a forthcoming feature that promises to expand the capabilities of the Discovery API even further. While details are currently under wraps, users can expect a tool that provides even deeper dives into the token metrics and trends, offering a comprehensive platform for exploring and discovering potential crypto investments.

Supported Chains

NameChain Id (Int)Chain Id (Hex)EvmChainType
Ethereum Görli50x5EvmChain.GOERLITestnet
Ethereum Sepolia111551110xaa36a7EvmChain.SEPOLIATestnet
Polygon Mumbai800010x13881EvmChain.MUMBAITestnet
Binance Smart Chain560x38EvmChain.BSCMainnet
Binance Smart Chain Testnet970x61EvmChain.BSC_TESTNETTestnet
Avalanche C-Chain431140xa86aEvmChain.AVALANCHEMainnet
Cronos Mainnet250x19EvmChain.CRONOSMainnet
Gnosis Chiado102000x27d8EvmChain.GNOSIS_CHIADOTestnet
Base Goerli845310x14a33EvmChain.BASE_GOERLITestnet