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Version: 2.2

Discovery API

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The Discovery API provides a comprehensive suite of endpoints designed to uncover new trends, insightful tokens, and hidden gems within the cryptocurrency market. It goes beyond standard market data by analyzing patterns, liquidity movements, buying pressures, and other critical factors that indicate a token's potential.

Token Insights​

Token Insights is a suite of endpoints within the Discovery API that offer various perspectives on the market, each tailored to different investment strategies and research needs:

No.MethodDescriptionAPI ReferenceURL
1getRisingLiquidityTokensIdentify tokens with rising liquidityMethod Documentation
2getTopBuyPressureTokensFind tokens with the highest buying pressureMethod Documentation
3getExperiencedBuyerTokensDiscover tokens popular with experienced buyersMethod Documentation
4getSolidPerformanceTokensList tokens that have shown solid performanceMethod Documentation
5getBlueChipTokensGet tokens that are considered strong and reliableMethod Documentation
6getRiskyBetTokensIdentify tokens that are considered high risk, high rewardMethod Documentation
7getTopGainersTokensGet tokens with top gainersMethod Documentation
8getTopLosersTokensGet tokens with top losersMethod Documentation
9getTrendingTokensGet trending tokensMethod Documentation
10getDiscoveryTokenGet token detailsMethod Documentation

API Endpoints and Sorting Parameters​

Rising Liquidity​

Identify tokens with surging liquidity, higher market cap, active social presence, and strong security scores. Positive price trends make them appealing to traders. The 1 month change in liquidity is the underlying metric for this strategy. This metric highlights the ease of trading the asset without significant price impact. An increase in liquidity usually indicates rising interest and a healthy trading environment. Combining liquidity with market cap can provide insights into market stability and growth potential.

  • Main Filter Metric: liquidity_change_usd
  • Time Frame: 1 month
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • Market Health: Assesses the health and stability of the market.
    • Trading Opportunities: Identifies tokens with increasing liquidity for better trading opportunities.

Buying Pressure​

Focus on tokens experiencing substantial buying pressure, driven by increased net volume. These tokens often have significant market cap, social engagement, and price momentum. Net volume is the underlying filter metric for this strategy. This metric indicates the level of buying pressure by measuring the net change in volume of experienced buyers. It helps identify tokens that are gaining interest from knowledgeable investors.

  • Main Filter Metric: experienced_net_buyers_change
  • Time Frame: 1 month
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • Investment Decision: Helps investors identify tokens with strong buying interest.
    • Market Analysis: Provides insights into market trends and investor sentiment.

Solid Performers​

Target tokens with consistently solid buying pressure across multiple timeframes, indicating dependable assets with robust volume, security, and price trends. Uses multi time frame net volume change and total 1 month volume as filters. Net volume is the difference between buyers volume and sellers volume. This indicates the dominant force in the market. Positive buy pressure suggests accumulation and potential for price increases, especially when analyzed alongside experienced net buyers for insights into who is driving the market - retail or more informed entities.

  • Main Filter Metric: net_volume_change_usd
  • Time Frame: 1 month
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • Performance Analysis: Identifies consistently performing tokens.
    • Market Trends: Provides insights into ongoing market trends and dominant forces.

Experienced Buyers​

Powerful indicator of what experienced traders are buying right now. Uses the 1 week experienced buyers metrics as the filter. Buyers with at least 100 outgoing transactions are considered. Filtering by experienced participants provides insights into informed trading behavior, adding weight to the buying signals. This suggests knowledgeable investors are leading or following the market trend.

  • Main Filter Metric: experienced_net_buyers_change
  • Time Frame: 1 week
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • Informed Trading: Identifies tokens favored by experienced traders.
    • Market Sentiment: Gauges the sentiment of knowledgeable investors.

Risky Bets​

Find tokens with lower market cap but promising attributes like net buyers, buyer pressure, steady volume, security, and price trends. Filters out higher market cap coins. This category focuses on lower market cap tokens that might offer higher returns but come with increased risk.

  • Main Filter Metric: market_cap
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • High-Risk Investments: Identifies high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities.
    • Market Exploration: Helps in exploring new and emerging tokens with potential for significant growth.

Blue Chip​

Focus on established tokens with substantial market cap, recent positive price changes, steady volume, high security, and positive trends, offering stability and reliability. Established tokens, using market cap and token age filters to help remove smaller, newer, risky low cap coins. This strategy focuses on stable, well-established tokens that have proven their reliability over time.

  • Main Filter Metric: price_percentage_change_usd
  • Time Frame: <time frame is based on the request, default = day>
  • Sorting Order: DESC
  • Use Cases:
    • Long-Term Investment: Identifies stable tokens for long-term investment strategies.
    • Portfolio Diversification: Helps in building a diversified portfolio with reliable tokens.

Use Cases​

Token Explorer​

One method here, as a workaround, is to create a polling schedule (say, every 10 minutes) to fetch data from all strategies, with loose search parameters and combine the data. This will fetch a large list of tokens. Store them, combine them in your backend, remove duplicates, and then filter the data on the metric you want.

Token Page Enrichment​

Enrich token pages with data from various strategies to provide comprehensive insights and analytics.

Serve Lists of Tokens​

Serve lists of tokens that meet certain criteria to wallet pages, analytics tools, exploration pages, trading signals, telegram bots, etc.

AI Advisors​

After fetch all the token data you want, you can use openai API or another LLM to analyse the data and produce recommendations and signals.


  • Each strategy returns a maximum of 200 tokens.
  • There is no pagination on the results - coming soon.
  • Custom endpoint to build custom searches - coming soon.
  • Token categories - coming soon.
  • If you need a token's total holders, you can use the owners API.

How Can I Get Access?​

Speak to our sales team. It's only available within our Enterprise plans. Let's discuss your use case and requirements and we can enable trial access for you to explore the data. Email to arrange a demo.

Supported Chains​

Supported Chains

See the table below for all supported RPC Nodes. For wider chains we support across all products, check the full list of supported chains.

NameTypeChain IDEvmChainchain Query Parameters
Ethereum Mainnet logoEthereum Mainnet
Mainnet0x1 (1)EvmChain.ETHEREUM
  • eth
  • 0x1
Ethereum Sepolia logoEthereum Sepolia
Testnet0xaa36a7 (11155111)EvmChain.SEPOLIA
  • sepolia
  • 0xaa36a7
Ethereum Holesky logoEthereum Holesky
Testnet0x4268 (17000)EvmChain.HOLESKY
  • holesky
  • 0x4268
Polygon Mainnet logoPolygon Mainnet
Mainnet0x89 (137)EvmChain.POLYGON
  • polygon
  • 0x89
Polygon Amoy logoPolygon Amoy
Testnet0x13882 (80002)EvmChain.POLYGON_AMOY
  • amoy
  • 0x13882
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet logoBinance Smart Chain Mainnet
Mainnet0x38 (56)EvmChain.BSC
  • bsc
  • 0x38
Binance Smart Chain Testnet logoBinance Smart Chain Testnet
Testnet0x61 (97)EvmChain.BSC_TESTNET
  • bsc testnet
  • 0x61
Arbitrum logoArbitrum
Mainnet0xa4b1 (42161)EvmChain.ARBITRUM
  • arbitrum
  • 0xa4b1
Base logoBase
Mainnet0x2105 (8453)EvmChain.BASE
  • base
  • 0x2105
Base Sepolia logoBase Sepolia
Testnet0x14a34 (84532)EvmChain.BASE_SEPOLIA
  • base sepolia
  • 0x14a34
Optimism logoOptimism
Mainnet0xa (10)EvmChain.OPTIMISM
  • optimism
  • 0xa
NewLinea logoLinea
Mainnet0xe708 (59144)EvmChain.LINEA
  • linea
  • 0xe708
NewLinea Sepolia logoLinea Sepolia
Testnet0xe705 (59141)EvmChain.LINEA_SEPOLIA
  • linea sepolia
  • 0xe705
Avalanche logoAvalanche
Mainnet0xa86a (43114)EvmChain.AVALANCHE
  • avalanche
  • 0xa86a
Fantom Mainnet logoFantom Mainnet
Mainnet0xfa (250)EvmChain.FANTOM
  • fantom
  • 0xfa
Cronos Mainnet logoCronos Mainnet
Mainnet0x19 (25)EvmChain.CRONOS
  • cronos
  • 0x19
Palm logoPalm
Mainnet0x2a15c308d (11297108109)EvmChain.PALM
  • palm
  • 0x2a15c308d
Gnosis logoGnosis
Mainnet0x64 (100)EvmChain.GNOSIS
  • gnosis
  • 0x64
Gnosis Chiado logoGnosis Chiado
Testnet0x27d8 (10200)EvmChain.GNOSIS_TESTNET
  • gnosis testnet
  • 0x27d8
Chiliz Mainnet logoChiliz Mainnet
Mainnet0x15b38 (88888)EvmChain.CHILIZ
  • chiliz
  • 0x15b38
Chiliz Testnet logoChiliz Testnet
Testnet0x15b32 (88882)EvmChain.CHILIZ_TESTNET
  • chiliz testnet
  • 0x15b32
NewMoonbeam logoMoonbeam
Mainnet0x504 (1284)EvmChain.MOONBEAM
  • moonbeam
  • 0x504
NewMoonriver logoMoonriver
Testnet0x505 (1285)EvmChain.MOONRIVER
  • moonriver
  • 0x505
NewMoonbase logoMoonbase
Testnet0x507 (1287)EvmChain.MOONBASE
  • moonbase
  • 0x507