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Version: 2.2

Transactions API

What is the Transaction API?

The Transaction API enables Web3 developers to quickly get all transaction data on the Aptos blockchains, in order to help them build and scale their dapps efficiently.

Transaction API Features

The Transaction API provides the following functionality out of the box to power the dapps you are building:

  • fetching the account transactions
  • fetching transacctions by hash
  • submit new transactions

Plus so much more!

The Transaction API is extremely flexible, meaning it can support a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Block Explorer
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Log Explorers
  • Wallet Activity

Supported chains

The Transaction API supports the following Aptos chains:

Aptos Mainnethttps://mainnet-aptos-api.moralis.ioMainnet
Aptos Testnethttps://testnet-aptos-api.moralis.ioTestnet