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Version: 2.2

Track NFT transfers

Lets create a stream that monitors all the NFT contract transfers.


This stream uses listen to all addresses feature that is available only on Business and Enterprise plans.


There will be few NFT contracts that don't follow the standards like CryptoPunks that have a different ABI and you will not receive webhook requests from those non standard NFT contracts.


const NFT_transfer_ABI = [{
"anonymous": false,
"inputs": [
{ "indexed": true, "name": "from", "type": "address" },
{ "indexed": true, "name": "to", "type": "address" },
{ "indexed": true, "name": "tokenId", "type": "uint256" },
"name": "transfer",
"type": "event",
}]; // valid abi of the event

const options = {
chains: [EvmChain.ETHEREUM], // list of blockchains to monitor
description: "monitor all NFT transfers", // your description
tag: "NFT_transfers", // give it a tag
abi: NFT_transfer_ABI,
includeContractLogs: true,
allAddresses: true,
topic0: ["Transfer(address,address,uint256)"], // topic of the event
webhookUrl: "https://YOUR_WEBHOOK_URL", // webhook url to receive events,

const stream = await Moralis.Streams.add(options);

Via WebUI

  1. Create a new Stream
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Switch on Event Emittance and Add the Abi and select the topic
  4. Select Listen to all addresses and Contract interactions (logs)
  5. Click on create stream button.