A Few Examples to Help You Get Started.
There are several demo projects on our GitHub that highlights the major features of Moralis. Most of the demos are written in plain JavaScript and HTML to keep them as small as possible.
  • ​Sign-In Boilerplate: The base for the "Serverless dApps" tutorial.
    • ​Casino dApp is the finished dApp for this tutorial.
  • ​React-App: A React template starter app.
  • ​Gas Demo: Authentication, historical transactions, and cloud functions.
    • Displays average gas fees for the top 10 users that paid the most in gas.
  • ​Tether Printer: Smart contract events, and live queries.
    • Shows the most recent ETH USDT printed by Tether.
  • ​Swap Monitor: Smart contracts events, triggers, and live queries.
    • Real-time swaps on the Uniswap DAI/wETH pair.
    • Stats on net volume over the last 60 minutes.
  • ​User Profiles: Authentication with both username and MetaMask, address linking, changing password, and saving additional info to the user object.
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