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Version: 2.0

Aptos Web3 Data API


What are the Web3 Data APIs?

The Moralis Web3 Data APIs are a set of highly scalable APIs that solve popular Web3 challenges. By indexing blockchain data in a structured way, Moralis is able to expose APIs that make querying, fetching and understanding this data a breeze for developers.

Aptos Features

Moralis indexes all core aspects of blockchain data and provides access to this through a suite of data-focussed API endpoints. No matter what you are building, our Web3 Data API will support the data you will need; including Blocks, Transactions, NFTs, Tokens and Balance information.

  • NFT Data: Fetch real-time NFT metadata, ownership data, NFT transfer data, NFT prices, and much more.
  • Token Data: Seamlessly access real-time token price, ownership and transfer data.
  • Transaction Data: Get detailed information for any user transaction. List past transactions, and stay up to date with your user's on-chain activity.
  • Block Data: Get the contents of any block, including transactions, internal transactions, events and logs.
  • Event & Log Data: Granular logs and events for specific wallets and contracts.
  • DeFi Data: Out-of-the-box liquidity reserves and pair data across multiple blockchains.

Use Cases

The advanced feature set of our Web3 Data APIs means it can support any type of use case, including:

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Wallet App
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Metaverse Gaming
  • Block Explorers
  • Token Gating (NFT authentication)

Supported Chains

Moralis Web3 Data APIs are continuously adding new chains and integrations. Our current supported Aptos chains include:

Aptos Mainnethttps://mainnet-aptos-api.moralis.ioMainnet
Aptos Testnethttps://testnet-aptos-api.moralis.ioTestnet