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Stream API: Filtering Out Possible Spam Transactions

· One min read

We are thrilled to announce a new feature in our Streams API: the ability to filter out potential spam transactions!

Certain contract addresses are associated with spam, phishing attempts, or other suspicious activities. We label these addresses as possibleSpam = true. For more information, see Spam Detection.

To help you maintain clean and relevant data streams, you can now set our new property filterPossibleSpamAddresses to true.

This configuration will exclude any transactions (including native transactions, internal transactions, and contract events) related to contracts marked as possibleSpam = true from triggering webhooks and consuming usage.

By default, filterPossibleSpamAddresses is set to false.

Here are examples of spam transactions that would be excluded:

We hope this new feature will enhance your experience with our Streams API.

Check-out the full documentation here.