Install and Remove plugins

Introduction to Moralis Server plugins

Open Plugin List

Each Moralis Server instance has it's own set of plugins which are managed separately. Expand the server view and click on the "Plugins" button.​

This will bring up the list of plugins. The "Installed" tab will list the currently installed plugins, where the "Browse" tab lists all available plugins.‌

Installing Plugins

Go to the Plugin "Browse" tab. If you know the name of the plugin already enter it in the search bar, otherwise use the scroll bar to find the one you want. Click the "Install" button.​

Already installed plugins will have an "Installed" badge.‌

500k Row Historical Limit

If a "Sync and Watch Contract Event" (or "Sync and Watch Address") plugin is created that would result in retrieving 500k or more historical events then the Sync_historical option will be disabled and no historical data will be synced. Please contact customer support if your project requires this much historical data.​

Unselect the "Sync Historical" option and press "Confirm". Historical data will not be fetched but new events can still be saved by creating a beforeConsume trigger.​

Removing Plugins

Go to the Plugins "Installed" tab. Scroll down the list until you find the plugin you want to remove and press the "Garbage Can" button.​