Getting Started

Go straight to the source and query the blockchain databases that power Moralis with the Deep Index API.

Getting started

The Moralis Deep Index API allows you to query for blockchain data not saved in your Moralis database. The documentation can be found in the side bar menu of the Moralis Admin Panel

The base path to the Deep Index API is:

API Clients

You can download the OpenAPI specification and use it to generate API clients in a number of programming languages.

Or you can download a pre generated client by selecting it in the dropdown


A default API key is generated for all users and can be copied to your clipboard by selecting it in the API key dropdown.

To make calls to the Deep Index API you need to provide the API key in the x-api-key header. In the interactive documentation inside the admin panel the default API key is pre applied so you can just start playing around with the different endpoints.

Interactive Documentation

You can access the interactive documentation by clicking on "Deep Index API" in the side bar of the admin panel.

You can also publicly browse the interactive documentation at: