Moralis Web3 API is a powerful way of getting all kinds of blockchain data. You can see all of the different functions documented in the sections below.
As a blockchain developer, you have to be able to fetch different information such as block info, transaction info, NFT metadata, token prices, user balances, owner list of a particular NFT or token and so much more!
You find all of these powerful functions in the Moralis.Web3API namespace in the Moralis SDK.
Video demonstrating how the latest Web3 API can be accessed trought the SDK.
Moralis Web3 API can be easily accessed through the SDK functions as the video above demonstrates.
It's also possible to access all of this functionality through REST API from your own backend.

Configuring Web3API

After you have initialized your application with Moralis.start(), it will automatically load the Web3API module. You don't need to make any additional steps to start using Web3API.

Supported Chains

All helper functions have a chain option to specify which blockchain to get data from. The following are the currently supported values for the chain option. Any of the "Lookup Values" will match the corresponding chain. If not specified the chain will default to Ethereum Mainnet.
Local Dev Chain (Ganache, Hardhat) doesn't work currently with Web3API.
Lookup Values
Ethereum Mainnet
eth, mainnet, 0x1
Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet)
testnet, ropsten, 0x3
Rinkeby (Ethereum Testnet)
rinkeby, 0x4
Goerli (Ethereum Testnet)
goerli, 0x5
Kovan (Ethereum Testnet)
kovan, 0x2a
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
bsc, binance, binance smart chain, 0x38
Binance Smart Chain Testnet
bsc testnet, binance testnet, binance smart chain testnet, 0x61
Polygon (Matic) Mainnet
matic, polygon, 0x89
Mumbai (Matic Testnet)
mumbai, matic testnet, polygon testnet, 0x13881
Avalanche Mainnet
avalanche, 0xa86a
Avalanche Testnet
avalanche testnet, 0xa869
Fantom Mainnet
fantom, 0xfa
Local Dev Chain (Ganache, Hardhat)
(doesn't work currently with Web3API)
ganache, hardhat, localdevchain, local devchain ,dev, 0x539

Web3 API return format

Almost all Web3 API function methods have a return format:
"total": 1,
"page": 1,
"page_size": 1,
"result": Array(1)



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