Sending Emails
Sending Emails from Moralis Server.

Server Setup

Moralis supports sending emails to users. Click the "View Details" button on your server instance, then the "Email Configuration" tab. You'll need to sign up for a SendGrid account and provide the following:
  • API Key
  • From Email: This will appear as the "from" address on emails received by users (must be authorized by SendGrid as a single sender or domain).
  • Sendgrid Verification Email Template ID: The template to use for the verification email.
  • Sendgrid Password Reset Template ID: The template to use for the password reset email.

Email Template

To enable sending a verification email, or a password reset link, some additional setup is required. Both of these operations require a SendGrid Dynamic Template.
Press the "Create a Dynamic Template" button.
Design the look of the email. Your template must include a {{ link }} tag. When done press "Save".
After saving, it will look something like this. Copy the "Template ID" you see here into your Moralis Server Email Configuration above.
Repeat the steps above to create templates for both email verification and password resets.

Dynamic Template Data

When creating dynamic templates, the following parameters are sent to the template:
{{ link }} -> (confirmation link or reset password link)
{{ email }} -> the email of the user


Sending an email must be done on the server-side via cloud code as it requires the MasterKey. This is to help prevent the domain from being blacklisted for spam by bad actors.
// in Cloud Code
Moralis.Cloud.define("sendEmailToUser", function (request) {
to: request.user.get("email"),
subject: "Fundamentals",
html: "Pampamentally it does make sense"
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