Deep Index API

Go straight to the source and query the blockchain databases that power Moralis with the Deep Index API.


The Moralis Deep Index API allows you to query for blockchain data that is currently not in your Moralis database.

Getting started

The documentation for the Deep Index API is located in the side bar menu of the Moralis Admin Panel

To use the Deep Index API you need at least one server with a minimum version of 0.0.235.

You can download the OpenAPI specification and use it to generate API clients in a number of programming languages.

Select the server you want to use:


To make calls to the Deep Index API you need to provide a Bearer token in the header. To get the token make a call to generateToken endpoint.

If you are using the interactive documentation, paste your master key for the server selected at the top and press 'Execute'.

Doing this will also show you how to make the same call with curl:

Use the response (without quotation marks) prefixed with: bearer in the authorization header for requests made to all other endpoints.

If you want to make calls using the interactive documentation, press the "Authorize" button at the top of the page, paste the JWT in the input and confirm by pressing "Authorize".