Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my beta key? I don't see any email?!

Log into the Moralis Discord server and look at the #start-here channel. The code is there and also instructions for getting started. Have fun!


What version should i use on Mac?

  • frp_x.xx.x_darwin_amd64.tar.gz

How should I run frpc on Mac?

  • Open a terminal

  • Navigate to frpc directory

  • Type ./frpc -c frpc.ini

Why does Mac say that frpc is from an Unidentified Developer?

This is because frpc is not signed for Mac. To allow it to run follow these steps:

  • Navigate to frpc folder in Finder

  • Right click on the frpc executable while holding Ctrl

  • Select Open

Mac will give you information about the risks of skipping the system security. Please read it carefully and click Open in the popup if you agree.

What are the risks of giving permissions to frpc even if it is from an Unidentified Developer?

frpc executable is not signed by Apple. It means that the OS cannot know what kind of code it is going to execute. By accepting to skip the system security you are telling the OS that you trust the app. Please do so at your own responsibility. To avoid any issues make sure you have downloaded frpc from the official repository at https://github.com/fatedier/frp/releases.