Answers to common issues

Check error logs in the dashboard

For any Moralis issue the first place to check is the logs in the Dashboard

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Non ethereum enabled browser

  • Make sure MetaMask or another web3 wallet extension is installed in your browser

  • Using Moralis requires your app to be hosted in a web server on localhost or some other public domain. If you try to run an html file directly from the disk Moralis is unable to communicate with your app as it can't connect to your file directly.

Events and transactions not showing up.

  • Ensure that Moralis server is pointing to correct network

  • Check that the event Topic is correctly defined

    • EventName(type1,type2,type3)

    • Should be no spaces between commas, no event param names only types

  • Was the event ABI included? and properly formatted?

  • Ensure that event sync is pointing to correct contract address

  • Ensure that Moralis server is updated to the latest version

  • Switching the local dev chain from Ganache to Hardhat (or vise versa) may result in a corrupted server instance. If you want to switch from one to the other it's better to create a new server instance

  • Are you forking mainnet? This feature in both ganache-cli and hardhat is not yet supported

See the Real Time Transactions docs for more details on how to set up the plugin.

CORS errors in the client

Check for syntax errors in your Cloud Functions

The Dashboard page is blank when opening it

Check for syntax errors in your Cloud Functions

Getting errors when trying to run 'npm install moralis' on linux

Try installing the package libudev-dev and rerun the install script.