Create and schedule jobs to be run on the Moralis Server

Sometimes you want to execute long running functions, and you don’t want to wait for the response. Cloud Jobs are meant for just that.

Define a Job

Moralis.Cloud.job("myJob", (request) => {
// params: passed in the job call
// headers: from the request that triggered the job
// log: the Moralis Server logger passed in the request
// message: a function to update the status message of the job object
const { params, headers, log, message } = request;
message("I just started");
return doSomethingVeryLong(request);

Scheduling a Job

You can schedule a job in the Jobs section in the Dashboard by clicking "Schedule a job" in the top right corner.

Pick a description, the job to run and provide parameters if needed

When you have configured your job you confirm it by pressing "Schedule" in the bottom right corner.