How to get help
One of the most important aspects of Moralis is the Moralis Community. We are proud to say that Moralis Forum is one of the most active crypto development communities. Here is how to access it!

You are never alone

Before you start learning about Moralis it's important you understand who we are, what values we have, and the power of our community.
The Moralis Forum and Moralis Discord is one of the most active crypto developer communities in the world.
We are dedicated to helping you with your project from start to finish. Therefore we are monitoring our Discord and Forum in order to answer your questions as soon as possible. You can ask anything crypto programming and Moralis related and we will ensure that you get the help you need as soon as possible.
See this video in order to understand how to get help.
How to use the forum and get help coding your dapp fast!

Human-Based Approach

Why do we invest so heavily into community and developer support?
At the core of our value is Human Based Approach to development. This means that when we build our products we always put you - the developer at the center. We do our best to accelerate your development and save you time. This for example means that we help you when you are stuck or that we ensure our tools are easy to use for building, maintaining, and debugging dapps.
See this video in order to understand this in-depth.
Human Based Approach to Programming - Moralis Web3

Having Fun

Finally, don't forget to have fun when building your dapps. Moralis will make your life a lot easier as the tools we give you accelerate your development massively.
We are also talented singers.
If you haven't seen our rap yet - see it below.
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