Is Streams API in production?

Yes, our Streams API is in production now.

How are Streams priced?

Please see Records and pricing

Can I disable the unconfirmed webhook requests?

You cannot currently disable unconfirmed webhook requests, but you won't be charged for them. We will only charge you for confirmed webhook requests.

Why do I receive two requests for the same transaction?

One request is sent for the unconfirmed transaction, the other is sent for the confirmed transaction.

You are only charged for confirmed transactions/webhook requests.

After how many blocks is considered a transaction as confirmed?

See number of blocks per chain for confirmed transactions

How many addresses can I add to a stream?

Starter Plan accounts can add up to 10k addresses. Pro and Business plans can add up to 50k addresses.

If needed, you can increase your limit by contacting our support team at [email protected]

Enterprise plans can have fully customized limits with no hard caps - the Streams API works with up to 100M addresses. You can also use the "listening to all addresses" feature separately for contracts.

How many separate streams can I create?

You can create up to 20 streams on a Free account and up to 200 streams with an upgraded account, and multiple addresses can be added to a single stream config, "listen to all addresses" feature can also be used with a single stream config for Business and Enterprise plans.

You can contact our support team at [email protected] if you need a higher limit, we can support an unlimited number of streams.

Are there any events lost when a stream or the filters for a stream get updated?

No, nothing is lost when a stream gets updated or the filters for a stream get updated.

What is a record?


  • A record is either a transaction (txs), log (logs) or internal transactions (txsInternal) in the webhook response.
  • Records is the base for usage of Streams
  • Records are only counted towards your usage for webhooks with confirmed:true so webhooks withconfirmed:false are free
  • Decoded logs are also free they do NOT count as Records.

What is a record?

A record is either a transaction (txsin response), log (logsin response) or internal transaction (txsInternalin response). The number of records in a webhook is the sum of txs + logs + txsInternal.

In the header of a webhook, you can find the total number of records in that webhook in the header x-records-charged.

In this example, the x-records-charged is 20 so the webhook contains 20 records.

headers: { 
    'x-region': 'us-west-2', 
    'x-queue-size': '0', 
    'x-records-charged': ‘20’ 
    'x-signature': '0xdf49163b5273b50a8da48e82b7254b45d81aeee9a02f1909a45d7aaea240e9c2', 

Only confirmed blocks will be charged, unconfirmed blocks will have 'x-records-charged': ‘0’

Records determine usage

Records handle the usage of Streams API. In your plan, you have an included amount of records for free. You can find your included limits under your billing page

For each transaction, you get two webhooks (read more here), records are only counted towards your usage for webhooks with Confirmed status True.

Check your total consumed record for a period

By using /status (see API reference) you will get a summary of totalLogsProcessed, totalTxsProcessed, and totalTxsInternalProcessed for your current billing period.


  "totalWebhooksDelivered": 1288,  
  "totalWebhooksFailed": 17,  
  "totalLogsProcessed": 4257,  
  "totalTxsProcessed": 0,  
  "totalTxsInternalProcessed": 0  

Where your total consumed records for the current billing period would be "totalLogsProcessed": 4257+"totalTxsProcessed": 0+"totalTxsInternalProcessed": 0. In this case total consumption is 4257.

Check one streams total consumed records for a period

By using /stats/{streamId} (see API reference) you will get a summary of totalLogsProcessed,totalTxsProcessed, and totalTxsInternalProcessed for that specific stream.


  "totalWebhooksDelivered": 0,  
  "totalWebhooksFailed": 0,  
  "totalLogsProcessed": 0,  
  "totalTxsProcessed": 0,  
  "totalTxsInternalProcessed": 0,  
  "createdAt": "2022-10-25T08:21:00.877Z",  
  "updatedAt": "2022-10-25T08:21:00.877Z"  

Where your total consumed records for the current billing period would be totalLogsProcessed+totalTxsProcessed+totalTxsInternalProcessed.

Records per transaction type

It depends on the selected address activity how many records will be charged

  • Contract Interactions (logs)
  • Native Transactions (txs)
  • Internal Transactions (txsInternal)
DescriptionNumber of records*
Stream with txs, logs and a erc20 transfer event is emitted2
Stream with txs, logs and 10 NFT Tokens (ERC721) were transferred in one transaction11
Stream with txs, logs and 30 NFT Tokens (ERC1155 Batch) were transferred in one transaction2
Stream with logs and a ERC721 NFT is minted with 100 Tokens100
Stream with txs and a native transfer takes place1

*The number of records for logs depends on the contract emitting the events, more complex contracts could emit more records

Decoded logs

Moralis will decode and enrich standardized contracts (ERC20/ERC721/ERC1155), for each log that matches one of those contracts, a decoded log will be generated, currently, the decoded logs are:

  • erc20Transfers
  • erc20Approvals
  • nftTransfers

Decoded logs are free they do NOT count as Records.