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Run locally

  1. Run a mongo-db via yarn dev:db-start (use this mongo-db ONLY in development, not in production, see, or run your a mongo-db in any other way
  2. Copy .env.example to .env and fill in the values
  3. Change the API_URL in public/script.js to the url of the server api
  4. Run yarn dev to run the server locally

Now your server is running locally with the following endpoints:

  • Client: localhost:1337 (or any other port you set in .env)
  • Parse Server: localhost:1337/server (or any other port/endpoint you set in .env)
  • Parse Dashboard: localhost:1337/dashboard (or any other port you set in .env)
  • API: localhost:1337/api (or any other port you set in .env)

Now you can authenticate via MetaMask as long as you have the MetaMask browser extention installed in the browser.

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